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Can a foreigner play American Lotto

The amount of money spoken and heard about in Lotteries in America is enough reason for anybody from any part of the world to want to give it a try.  Like the Power Ball Lotto in 2016, which announced a...

Baba ijebu 1-90 lotto numbers and their counterparts

The image above is called lotto counterpart. It is used in to check numbers that produce a certain numbers in an event. Your forecast is not complete without a counterpart. Forcasting without classification chart as it is called is like...

Premier Lucky forecast for sunday 23-6-2019

“Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” Lucky 15bk-68-27-7-40 15.68 Goodluck  NB: Premier Diamond is looking good tomorrow morning....don't miss it 

Premier Mark2 forecast on Sunday 23-6-2019

Mark2 55bk. 55.10 Goodluck!!! NB: Premier lucky keyset live 2sure, continuation plan. To be posted by 6.00pm today. Don't miss it

Dbanj gifts himself a brand new Rolls Royce for his birthday

Celebrity stylist and close of the singer, Swanky Jerry took to his IG page show off the new whip D’banj got himself to celebrate his birthday. Swanky showed off the singer’s newest whip, with the caption; DO IT BIG , DO...