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Today’s Premier Diamond Lotto forecast

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Premier Diamond 40bk. 40.31 Goodluck Please keep some money for Ghana Msp,i have a sweet plan am following. I will post it here by 5.30pm Join us on whatsapp LOTTO FORCASTERS...

Premier Gold forecast

Let's try this old key this afternoon>>>we may hit it Big Premier Gold 44bk. 44.50 Goodluck!!!

Premier Lucky forecast for sunday 23-6-2019

“Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” Lucky 15bk-68-27-7-40 15.68 Goodluck  NB: Premier Diamond is looking good tomorrow morning....don't miss it 


Premier Lotto past result to forecast on Thursday 5-12-2019

 PREMIER: PEOPLE03-10-2019SUC: 39-76-82-84-36MAC: 15-20-38-31-63 PREMIER: PEOPLE07-10-2019SUC: 10-27-30-28-67MAC: 86-16-50-33-46 PREMIER: PEOPLE10-10-2019SUC: 30-40-6-25-1MAC: 83-90-14-76-84 PREMIER: PEOPLE14-10-2019SUC: 1-26-30-6-27MAC: 50-67-89-46-69 PREMIER: PEOPLE17-10-2019SUC: 7-56-48-41-47MAC: 67-82-57-78-84 PREMIER: PEOPLE21-10-2019SUC: 12-41-71-18-3MAC: 61-75-72-81-14 PREMIER: PEOPLE24-10-2019SUC: 45-29-54-18-17MAC: 78-66-70-16-6 PREMIER: PEOPLE28-10-2019SUC: 27-85-34-23-46MAC:...