The amount of money spoken and heard about in Lotteries in America is enough reason for anybody from any part of the world to want to give it a try. 

Like the Power Ball Lotto in 2016, which announced a winning of $1.6 billion in jackpot or the Mega Millions Lotto who gave out $656 milliion  USD in jackpot to three winners, the past decade has been filled with news of huge jackpot wins. 

Another really appealing one is the American Lotto.

Whether you live in America or you live in another country and you’re wondering if foreigners can play the American Lotto, you do not have anything to worry about as anybody from any part of the world has the right to take part in any lottery game in America including the American Lotto. 

The stories of foreigners winning the Lotto in America is there to attest to this. 

Iraq’s man, the Oregon jackpot winner of $6.4 million in 2015, which is one of the most popular lottery winners in history. This win was reported by a lot of major news houses in the world Like the BBC, NBC and CNN.

Also the win by Nataliia from Ukraine which amounted to $1 million USD in the Mega Million Lottery in September 2017. She was reported to have played for two-and-half years. This was the biggest win on theLotter for the Mega Million lottery but before then they were so many of such prizes won on the Powerball Lottery.

Then the Panama man named Aura Dominguez win of $30 million from Florida Lotto jackpot came in early 2017. 

The list can continue but let’s stop here.

Note, these are major jackpot winners. There are still substantial wins running in hundreds of thousands of dollars and to be frank, those amounts are enough to change one’s life, won by foreigners.

It doesn’t matter where you live or anything, your determination and luck will determine your fate. As you can see, anybody above the age of 18 can play irrespective of the location.

A lot of Lottery companies have their branches in different countries across the world today. And if you’re a non-U.S citizen may be on vacation in America, then you should make sure you comply with the law governing Lottery in the state you are buying your ticket.

If you’re staying in a state in America, you can simply work into a lottery office or a retailer and buy your American Lotto ticket.

But if you live outside the U.S then your best chance is to go through the internet. You can use theLotter which is quite popular and trusted. Taking you back, the $6.4 million USD won by an Iraqi was won on theLotter, so you can see they are really trustworthy.

In the past 17 years, theLotter claims to have paid over $90 million in prize money to over 4 million winners in the world. That’s a lot of money and anyone could change his life with a little determination.

How to play American Lotto on theLotter as a foreigner:

You can either play theLotter offline in the local office in your country or go to and buy a ticket. 

If you choose to use the office, the agent will help you make the purchase for a fee. There you will receive a mail confirming your ownership and in no time a scanned copy of your ticket will be uploaded by theLotter and saved in your theLotter account.

Or you could go straight online which will be almost similar to using an office. You will need your card details to complete the transaction.

In any case, know that winnings are subject to taxes by the American law.


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